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How Many Prenatal Appointments Should I Plan For?

How Many Prenatal Appointments Should I Plan For?

Prenatal exams are a vital part of a healthy pregnancy. Each visit gives us an opportunity to evaluate the growth and development of your baby. We also ensure your pregnancy is safe and healthy.

At Alpha OB GYN, Sowmya Reddy, MD, FACOG, and our team offer comprehensive prenatal care services to lower your risk for pregnancy complications. We help you schedule prenatal visits throughout your pregnancy based on you and your baby’s needs.

What’s the point of prenatal care

Prenatal care involves routine exams that women have during pregnancy. The goals of prenatal care are to regularly evaluate you and your baby’s health and to identify potential complications that can interfere with a healthy pregnancy, such as:

We assess gynecological conditions like infections that you can develop during your pregnancy, so they don’t interfere with your baby’s growth or your labor and delivery.

During your prenatal visits, our team also spends time helping you plan for your labor and delivery, so you know what to expect.

Frequency of prenatal visits

Typically, prenatal visits should occur once a month until you’re at 28 weeks pregnant. During these visits, our team can confirm your pregnancy, estimate your due date, and evaluate your overall health.

After week 28, Dr. Reddy will likely want to see you every two weeks to measure your vital signs and track your baby’s development. When you reach week 36, you can expect to schedule a prenatal visit once a week until the time you deliver. During these visits, we can help you prepare for your labor and delivery.

However, you may need more frequent prenatal appointments if your pregnancy is high risk, a pregnancy that poses special risk to a mother or her baby. Your pregnancy may be considered high risk if you’re having multiple babies, if you have a history of pregnancy complications, if you have a chronic disease, or if you are over 35 years of age.

Dr. Reddy will discuss how often you should schedule your prenatal appointments during your initial consultation.

What to expect during your prenatal visits

During your initial prenatal visit, our team spends time learning about your medical history and your current health. Dr. Reddy also completes a comprehensive physical exam. During this visit, your due date is calculated. Dr. Reddy may also complete a Pap smear and sexually transmitted disease (STD) testing to ensure you’re healthy.

As your pregnancy progresses, you can expect our team to complete a variety of tests and exams to monitor you and your baby’s health. This can include:

You’ll also be able to hear your baby’s heartbeat at your prenatal appointments.

We also offer on-site ultrasound technologies, so you can see your baby and so we can evaluate their development. These ultrasounds are normally done at 20 weeks and once later in the third trimester, at 36 to 37 weeks. You may require more frequent ultrasounds depending on your pregnancy complications. 

As you get closer to your delivery date, we ensure you have the resources you need to prepare for childbirth.

To schedule your first prenatal visit, call Alpha OB GYN today or book an appointment online. 

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