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What to Expect at Your Prenatal Visits

What to Expect at Your Prenatal Visits

Prenatal visits are a routine part of pregnancy care. The goal of each prenatal visit is to ensure you’re healthy and your baby is growing and developing on track.

At Alpha OB GYN, Sowmya Reddy, MD, FACOG, provides exceptional care and one-on-one attention during each of your prenatal visits. Dr. Reddy and our team offer in-office pregnancy tests, labs and ultrasounds to confirm your pregnancy and will schedule your prenatal care appointments on a timeline to meet your needs.

The first prenatal visit

After the confirmation of your pregnancy through blood work, followed by an ultrasound, you can expect to schedule your first prenatal visit at 10-11 weeks of pregnancy. You may need an appointment sooner if you have underlying medical conditions that can make your pregnancy high risk.

Your first prenatal visit will likely be the longest appointment during your pregnancy. This is because we spend time learning more about your personal and family medical histories, your lifestyle and diet, and any previous pregnancies you’ve had.

Dr. Reddy also collects information about your current health, such as your height, weight, and your pressure. She may also request blood testing to check your blood count, identify your blood type, and screen for conditions, such as hepatitis and diabetes. It’s also common for women to receive a pelvic exam and a Pap smear during the initial prenatal visit.

During your initial prenatal visit, we can prescribe prenatal vitamins and recommend dietary changes and exercises that support a healthy pregnancy.

What to expect at routine prenatal appointments

If your pregnancy is not high risk and you’re in good health, you can expect to schedule monthly visits at our office until week 28 of your pregnancy. After that, your visits are every two to three weeks until week 36, when you visit with our team weekly until you go into labor. If your pregnancy is high risk, you may need to schedule visits more frequently.

At each visit, Dr. Reddy will check your blood pressure, evaluate your weight gain, and measure your abdomen. She also examines your body to check for swelling.

To evaluate your baby’s development, Dr. Reddy will note information about fetal heart rate and can feel your abdomen to assess the baby’s position in the womb. You may also need ultrasounds that help Dr. Reddy evaluate your baby’s growth and identify potential health concerns that may need further testing.

Specialized testing is also a part of your prenatal visits. We test your blood sugar levels to check for gestational diabetes and may request other tests throughout your pregnancy based on your overall health.

Preparing for childbirth and beyond

As part of your prenatal visits, our team works with you on a labor and delivery plan to help you prepare for childbirth. We can also recommend classes where you learn more about what to expect during the labor process and the birth of your child.

Once you have your baby, Dr. Reddy can discuss any concerns you have about breastfeeding, birth control to prevent unintended pregnancies, and caring for your health as a new parent.

To schedule your first prenatal visit, call the Alpha OB GYN office nearest to you today or book a consultation online.

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